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Beach Wedding


 Adreinne & Andrew 

A slight breeze dances across the sand as Andrew looks out onto the water anticipating the arrival of his soon to be bride. Adrienne soon appears with her mother at her side as they make their way down the rose riddled isle. The Burrells were very pleasant and thankful to be in each others presence and you could definitely feel the love and appreciation they have for one another.

The ceremony took place on a beach in Fort Walton Beach located behind their hotel. Although this was a simple wedding, the details and experience was beautiful and elegant. Every detail was stunning and felt as though all in attendance were witnessing a fairy tale play out.


Andrew visited Adrienne's place of employment almost everyday for nearly FIVE years before they noticed each other. Coworkers believed they would make a beautiful couple and arranged for them to exchange contact information. It took Adrienne about 3 months to call but as they both would attest, it was well worth the wait!

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