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 LaToya & Kevin 

God works in very mysterious ways and there are times we will hurt ourselves trying to comprehend His works. Being displaced by COVID-19, this sweet couple took every adjustment with a smile and made the best out of the set backs and limitations.

LaToya and Kevin downsized their wedding and reception to be in compliance with Federal and State regulations but God and love were definitely in attendance. The heartwarming ceremony left no eyes dry as they kissed and jumped the ceremonial broom. 

The reception was reminiscent of a Sunday with family. There was lots of laughter, worship and dancing. In hindsight, I realize there was not one phone lifted during the entire day. The faith and resilience of the Haynes' made the day magical and for a while, we all forgot about the worlds troubles beyond the church doors. 

With trusting Christ through obstacles before exchanging vows, this couple will definitely be a powerhouse in faith and used to do mighty things.

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