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 Kiana & Cardell  

As the sun set over the Baton Rouge landscape, friends and loved ones of the soon to be Browns converged to Oak Lodge venue. The dimly lit building set the stage for a night of elegance and romance all would enjoy and revel.


Kiana and Cardell are two soft spoken and naturally swagger oriented individuals. Although the couple stated this experience was their first with a professional photographer, they had definitely nailed every photo session prior to the wedding day.

The young couple is very simple, goofy and center their life around their adorable son, Carson. As the night grew on, it was refreshing to witness the pure joy, love and support of the attendees towards them and their decision to become one.


The two met after a chance encounter while Kiana worked as a cashier at a gas station.  The two began to flirt on Snap Chat and went on to build their inseparable bond which laid the foundation for their friendship and inevitable union.

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