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 Kierra & Henry 

You know those two people that just look like they belong together? That's Kierra and Henry! When he joined Kierra's church and began serving, he instantly noticed his soon to be wife but tried to play it cool and didn't explore the possibility of something more.


After spending much time around each other in the music ministry, comments about how cute they were began to swirl but the two were still apprehensive and uncertain about where they stood as a couple. Finally Kierra sent Henry a long text before she boarded a cruise vacation with  her family. 

Kierra was nervous during much of her vacation about how her profession on love would be received but Henry was already having the same feelings and pounced on the opportunity since the ice was broken. 

To much of everyone's satisfaction, they were relieved to see them finally falling in love and moving towards God's purpose for them. Their love is an example of inevitable promise when you follow God's plans and submit yourself to His will.

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